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Black Market Wares

Welcome to Black Market Wares

Jamasterman aRobber BaronCabal posted Apr 13, 16

Black Market Wares (BMW) is a North American, cross-faction Trade & Crafting Community (PC/Mac) that caters to the mature player who intends to be active in guild events and trading regularly.

Our vision includes becoming a tight-knit guild of Traders and Crafters, built on the foundations of friendship and mutual respect.
We offer as many benefits as possible to our members, including:
  • Trading at our Top Tier Guild Store.
  • A personal Team Speak Server for members of Black Market Wares.
  • Engage in constructive trade and crafting "shop talk" both in-game and via forums.
  • Quarterly Sales Competitions
  • Free crafting assistance and traits.
  • Raffles, Auctions, Trivia and Games
  • Saturday Trial Runs
  • Skyshard Runs
  • The ability to buy, sell, trade, hire and advertise on our Trading forum.
  • A friendly, fun and mature crew to level professions and run with!
To apply, click "Apply Here!" on our top menu.
Guests are encouraged to stop by our Guild Kiosk located in Rawl'kha and please feel free to apply here to become a regular member!
Guests are also welcome to participate on our normal forums and to buy, sell, trade, hire and advertise on our trading forum. Please follow our Guild Guidelines when posting and interacting with others.
Everyone is welcome to engage with one another in our Teamspeak Server:
No Password 
Thank you so much for visiting!

             --Jamasterman, Cabal

Black Market Wares Member Ranks

Jamasterman aRobber BaronCabal posted Apr 1, 16

  We have 3 member rank tiers: Black Marketeer, Mogul, & Infamous.

Minimums are 100k in Sales, Contribution Score of 10k, or 20k in Raffle Entries PER WEEK. (Contribution Score explaination can be found below)

The ranks and their explanations are as follows: 

Black Marketeer: All members in BMW 

Mogul: Our rank to appreciate the top 25 contributing members of the guild the week before. 

Infamous: Elder Srolls Online community contributor. These members have demonstrated a substantial investment in, commitment to and contribution for the greater ESO community. Their efforts not only benefit the members of BMW, but every other player across servers and platforms. We owe them our gratitude and recognition. 


The contribution score is a mostly objective value based upon a number of factors that reflect member participation in the guild activities that financially support Black Market Wares. In order to be completely transparent I will enumerate the factors and modifiers that guild officers and leadership have determined appropriate. There are 4 factors included in the contribution score, they are as follows (along with modifiers and explanations):


Guild Store Sales (7% modifier)

Auction Donations (Sale Price - Donor Reimbursement Amount)

Auction Purchases (Sale Price - MM Value of Purchase)

Raffle Ticket Purchases (50% modifier)


The modifiers were devised by BMW guild leadership to be as objective as possible, while simultaneously reflecting the enhanced value that we place upon certain factors.  Regarding guild store sales, it is important to note that every guild in the game receives only 3.5% of guild store sales in taxes (ESO actually now takes out an additional 3.5% that then magically disappears). Thus, sales only provide a modest income of gold relative to overall guild store sales. Despite the low tax percentage (3.5%), we have subjectively decided to recognize the vital nature (and implicit benefits) of guild store sales and thus doubled the modifier for our contribution score (7%).

The auction donations factor is a simple and objective calculation that reflects the actual gold that the item’s sale brings into BMW. The auction purchases facet is a somewhat subjective calculation of Sale Price minus the collective MM value of the item(s). This amount does not reflect the amount of gold brought in considering how the auction donations factor is calculated (there is definitely overlap). However, this calculation reflects that the purchasing member is essentially making a straightforward gold donation to the guild via knowingly overpaying for an auction item that could simply be purchased elsewhere for around the MM value.

Black Market Wares currently has 3 raffles that affect the member contribution score: Mooncusser Raffle, Marketeers' Magnificent Moola Raffle and the High Roller Raffle. The High Roller Raffle is a 75/25 raffle, meaning that 25% of ticket sales go to the guild while the other 75% go to the winner. The Mooncusser Raffle is not a 75/25 raffle. Despite this, the raffle ticket purchases contribution factor is given a 50% modifier as only 50% of the raffle ticket purchase actually goes to the guild in the case of the High Roller Raffle and the outlay of prizes for the Mooncusser Raffle still represent a substantial cost to the guild. . 

It is essential that I remark on how our sales minimum policy is reflected in our ranks. All basic Members are Black Marketeer. As stated in our policy, each member has a grace period to get sales or contribution score back up above required minimums. Thus, if any member does no meet minimums for 2 consecutive weeks they will be sent a Last Chance mailer. If the minimums are NOT met that week, members will be removed from the guild for not meeting requirements.  Admittedly, this does place brand new members at a slight disadvantage if they were recruited to BMW near the end of the previous week. However, like everyone else, they have at least 8 days to reach the necessary sales or contribution score. I feel that this provides a challenge for new members to quickly become engaged in our income generating activities and working to achieve higher ranks within Black Market Wares.

I believe that this explanation facilitates both clarity and transparency regarding our ranks system and the contribution score.  Please post any legitimate questions in this thread and I will update the post with any additional information or corrections as indicated. I respectfully request that any complaints regarding this system be brought directly to @jamasterman. Furthermore, if you desire a substantive discussion regarding said complaints in real time I encourage you to bring any grievances to our teamspeak server as I am on there virtually every night. That being said, I truly hope that the Black Marketeers embrace the ranks system as both encouragement to participate and achieve in our guild and as recognition for the tremendous contributions that you each bring to BMW. We thrive because of our members. Thank you.


    -- Jamasterman, Cabal

BMW Member Metrics Click here for a link to our weekly updated spreadsheet of member metrics.

Black Marketeers,

Regarding our Sales and Contribution Score Minimum Policy, each member is required to accomplish at least ONE of the following (each week):

- 100,000 gold in sales (or more) through our Guild Store

- purchase at least 20,000 gold worth of BMW Raffle Tickets

- donate 10,000 gold worth of items to the BMW Auction

- deposit 10,001 gold into BMW Guild Bank as direct Donation

All members have a grace period of one week to make up the sales requirement. Furthermore, if a member informs an officer that they will be offline for a period of time then the sales requirement for that time period can be waived.

Regarding our Name Change Policy, if you change your in-game User Identification/User Name you need to inform the Cabal as soon as possible. The data that we export from the game regarding guild store sales and rank are tied to your user name. Thus, if you change your user name you essentially show up on our data and spreadsheets as a new member. When making decisions about enforcing our Sales and Contribution Score Minimum Policy we examine at least 5 weeks of data. This ensures that we can give members that deserve a second chance the opportunity to get their numbers back up. These individuals are sent a mailer and encouraged to address their lack of contribution. If you only have a couple weeks of history in the guild and fail to meet the minimums there is no indication to offer a second chance. As such, if you change your user name, fail to inform us and fail to meet minimums you will, regrettably, be kicked. Please don't forget to inform the Cabal of any user name change, thank you. 

Regarding our Inactivity Policy, if you are going to be absent from the game for more than 2 weeks, make sure to do one of the following:
- Send an officer an in-game mail with the dates you will be absent
- Send me a forum message with the dates you will absent.

If you fail to do either of the above:

- And you are a Member and you fail to log into the game for more than 16 days, you will be removed. If you come back to the game at a later date, feel free to ask for an invite back.
- If you are an Officer and you fail to log into the game for more than 30 days, you will be removed. If you come back to the game at a later date, feel free to ask for an invite back. To gain your Officer rank back, you will have to again illustrate your commitment.
- If you are removed from the guild for bank abuse, breaking the rules, begging on chat or any type of drama/harassment, you cannot return.

Note: Returning to the guild will depend on space, if we do not have the space to recruit you back after any of the above, you will be placed on a waiting list until space is available.

          -- Jamasterman, Cabal

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