Guidelines and More

Medusasfolly Cabal posted Sep 29, 16

Black Market Wares is a preeminent trading guild established since beta.  Our active and dynamic members have driven our success and have facilitated our ability to obtain a guild trader in Rawl'kha week after week.  Below is a quick snapshot of all guild information.

TeamSpeak: (No Password)

Guild Minimums: 75,000 gold in Guild Store Sales OR 10,000 gold in Raffle Ticket purchases OR 5,001 gold as direct Donation OR 5,000 contribution score.

Guild Inactivity:  Two weeks.  If you are going to be temporarily absent for the game for more than 2 weeks, make sure to send an officer or cabal member an in-game mail with the dates you will be absent.

Auction Donations:  Send to @AuctionsBMW in game (let us know if you want any compensation up to 50%).

Raffles:  Enter amount directly into the guild bank.  Note, if you are buying multiple types of raffle tickets, it is best to deposit the raffle type amounts separately so that the appropriate amount is put to the correct raffle (i.e. 5,000 gold deposit for 5 Mooncusser tickets and 25,000 gold deposit for High Roller instead of one 30,000 gold deposit).

Guild Ranks: 

  • Lookout: New member in first calendar week in BMW or previous week’s sales < 75,000 gold or contribution score < 5,000.
  • Enforcer: Previous week’s sales of 75,000 gold or contribution score of 5,000.
  • Fence: Previous week’s sales of 125,000 gold or contribution score of 25,000.
  • Kingpin: Previous week’s sales of 200,000 gold or contribution score of 50,000
  • Mogul: Top 25 contribution score
  • Infamous: Elder Srolls Online community contributor. These members have demonstrated a substantial investment in, commitment to and contribution for the greater ESO community. Their efforts not only benefit the members of Black Market Wares, but every other player across servers and platforms. We owe them our gratitude and recognition.

Guild Bank:  The guild bank is deposit only.  When depositing, please try to keep items limited to the following:

  • Any level crafting materials (Raw and/or Refined)
  • Any level provisioning materials
  • All plants and waters
  • Level 50+  Glyphs
  • Blue+ quality Recipes/Motifs
  • High end House Furnishings
  • Racial stones
  • Armor/Weapon set pieces
  • Green/Blue/Purple "set" Jewelery Only, Blue/Purple "non-set" Jewelry
  • Any amount of Gold

General Calendar: See Events Calendar for descriptions.

  • Tuesday:  "Black Market Bounty" & "Word Scramble"
  • Thursday:  Skyshard Runs
  • Friday: Auction
  • Saturday: Trial Runs, Cyrodiil Skyshard Run
  • Sunday:  Trivia, Raffles and "Sneak & Seek"

Free Crafting Trait Service:  email any member of the Cabal: @jamasterman, @WynterCougar, @dxdjay, @Faerbreena or @GreeKk in-game with your request. Please keep your requests to 15 traits per week. The only materials required are nirncrux for any requested nirnhoned traits. As this is a free service and used often, please be patient and allow for a few days turnaround time for your traits.

Mat of the Month:  Check out the Monthly newsletter or the Message of the Day in-game to find out the Mat of the Month. If you have some spares, please consider dropping them in the BMW Guild Bank as an act of goodwill. If you would like to donate alot of the Mat of the Month please mail them to @AuctionsBMW. Any donation is appreciated.